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Privacy Policy of lebabe.it

To obtain information on the processing of your personal data, how it is used and with whom it is shared, contact the data manager.

Data Manager

Le babe is a Ferca81 brand info@ferca81.com

Type of data retrieved

The processing of other personal data may be mentioned in other sections of this privacy policy or in informative texts which can be viewed in the moment in which such data is obtained. Personal data may be given voluntarily by the user or processed automatically while using this application. The use of cookies — or other tracking tools — by this application, unless otherwise specified, is used to identify the user and to register relative preferences that are directly linked to the rendering of services requested by the user. Non-fulfillment of the provision of the user’s personal data may impede this application in rendering its services.

The user assumes responsibility for any third party data that is published or shared on this application and guarantees the right to its acknowledgment and diffusion, exonerating the data manager from any responsibility towards third parties.

Procedure and location of data processing

Processing Procedure

The data manager treats the user’s personal data taking appropriate security precautions in order to impede the access, distribution, modification or unauthorised destruction of personal data. Data processing occurs through the use of technical and/or telematic tools used to organise data relating to the purposes outlined herein. In some instances, in addition to the data manager, designates involved in website organisation may access the data (personnel in administrative, commercial, marketing, legal and system administration roles) such as external members (third party technicians, couriers, hosting providers, computer companies and communication agencies) also nominated data controllers by the data manager if necessary. The updated index of controllers is available from the data manager upon request.


Data is processed at the offices of the data controller and in any other place in which the parties involved are located. For further information, contact the data manager.


Data is processed for as long as is necessary in order to carry out the services requested by the user, or the purposes laid out in this document. The user can request that processing be stopped and data cancelled at any time.

Further information on data processing

Court Action

The user’s personal data can be used by the data manager for defence purposes in court and in any preliminary phases of its being established, regarding its misappropriate use or any related services by the user.
The user is aware that the data manager may be requested to convey his/her data to the public authorities.

Specific Information Statements

Upon the user’s request, in addition to the information contained within this privacy policy, this application may provide the user with additional, contextual information regarding specific services, or the processing of personal data.

System and Maintenance Log

Out of necessity to function and maintenance, this application and potential third party services that are used by it, may gather log systems, namely files that register interaction and that may contain personal data, such as the user’s IP address.

Information not contained in this policy

Further information pertaining to the processing of personal data may be requested at any time from the data manager using the contact details given.

User’s rights

Users whose data is being processed reserve the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of the same from the data manager, to know its content and origin, to verify its precision or to request its integration, cancellation, update, amendment, anonymous transformation and to block any personal data that is treated in violation of the law. They also reserve the right to oppose the processing of their data for legitimate reasons. Requests may be forwarded to the data manager.

This application does not support “Do Not Track” requests. To find out if they are supported by potential third party services consult their privacy policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The data manager reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any given moment, informing users on this page. It is recommended that users frequently consult this page, referring to the date of most recent changes at the bottom. In the event of any updates to this privacy policy not being accepted, the user must stop using this application and can request that the data manager cancel their personal data. Unless otherwise specified, the previous privacy policy will continue to be applied to the processing of personal data gathered up until that time.

Information about this Privacy Policy

The data manager is responsible for this privacy policy.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files containing text that are found in your browser. When you access a website, a cookie is sent to the device through which you access the website, sending information to the browser. Cookies are very common and are used on numerous websites. Cookies allow website managers to see if a computer (and probably its relative user) has previously visited the website. In general, the aim of cookies is to improve how a website operates and the experience of the user who is using it.

For further general information on cookies see the article on Wikipedia on cookies (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie)

Deactivating Cookies

It is possible to deactivate cookies by modifying the browser settings (we advise you to read the guide to your browser in order to see how it is best done). We would remind you that by deactivating cookies, some functions may be disabled both on this site and on other websites. In fact deactivating cookies usually inhibits some functions and characteristics of the website, for which it is advisable not to deactivate cookies.

Cookies Set

The website uses cookies that are sent to your browser as soon as you connect to it. This prevents you from having to access each time you visit the site again. These cookies are typically used to recognise you when you access the portal in order to guarantee immediate access to private areas and to some customised characteristics.

Third Party Cookies

For some website functions we use cookies provided by third parties.
This site uses Google Analytics, which is one of the most common software programmes used for web analysis. This allows us to understand how a website is used and therefore allows us to improve your experience. These cookies can track a variety of elements, such as how long is spent on a website and the pages that are visited, in complete anonymity.
For further information on cookies in Google Analytics, visit the official Google Analytics website (https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage) Social media icons and/or plugins are also used on this website which grant you access to social networks in a variety of ways. These sites send cookies through our website for these functions of Facebook, Twitter etc. These are used to improve the profile on their website or to contribute to the data in their possession for a number of reasons outlined in the respective privacy norms.

Explanations and legal references

Personal Data or Data

Constitutes whatever pieces of information are relative to individuals, identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, through reference to any other type of information, including personal identification numbers.

User Data

This is the personal data gathered automatically from the application (or third party applications using it) including: IP addresses or names and dominions of the computers employed by the user connected to the application, URI notation addresses, the time of the request, the method utilised in submission of request to the server, the dimension of the response file, the numerical code indicating the status of the server response (accepted, error etc.), the country of origin, the characteristics of the browser and of the operating system used by the visitor, the various temporal connotations of the visit (for example how much time was spent on each page) and the details relating to the path taken inside of the application, with particular reference to the sequence of pages consulted, to the parameters relative to the operating system and to the technological surroundings of the user.


The individual who uses this application, who must correspond with the person concerned or be authorised by the same, and whose personal data is subject to processing.

Person Concerned

The individual to whom personal data is referred.

Data Controller

The individual or entity, association or body designated by the data manager to treat personal data, according to what is laid out in this privacy policy.

Data Manager

The individual or entity, association or body who have partial or total competency in making decisions regarding purpose, the procedure of data processing and the tools utilised, including security profiles in relation to functionality and fruition of this application. The data manager, unless otherwise specified, is the proprietor of this application.

This Application

The hardware or software means through which the user’s personal data is gathered.

Legal References

Notice to EU users: this privacy notice has been drawn up in compliance with obligations in Art. 10 of directive no. 95/46/CE and directive2002/58/CE updated in directive 2009/136/CE regarding the matter of cookies.

This privacy notice refers exclusively to LeBabe.it.